Construction Digitalisation Conference 2021
  • 2021.g. 27. October
Construction Digitalisation Day 2021
  • 2021.g. 27. October
Online events - remotely and in person
Conferences, seminars, trainings, lectures, webinars - remotely, but all together. 2020 has taught us how to distance ourselves, but stay together, talk more, look for creative opportunities, formulate opinions shorter and more precisely, to be able to make well-thought-out and progressive decisions that will enable us to live in a 'new normal' environment.
On-site capabilities remotely

Technology and creative approach allow participants to get involved in the event

Operational implementation

The developed platform and the event studio provide opportunities for convenient and simple project implementation

Experimental possibilities

Now is the time to test and implement new ideas with instant feedback

High satisfaction

86-95% of organized online participants rate events as ``excellent`` and ``very good``

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